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Travelution newsletter

Through the Travelution newsletters via e-mail, more than 12,550 registered travel professionals are constantly kept up to date with current travel news, events and meetings. Every Friday we send a newsletter with a summary of all headlines in the week before. Opportunities for bannering.


Partner newsletter (dedicated e-zines)

An exclusive newsletter about a destination, travel company or event (including RSVP service) can be prepared by us and sent to the entire Travelution database or within it to every desired target group. Different options: dispatch from completely tailor-made layout to white labeling of standard concept.


The newsletters are sent to more than 12,550 registered travel professionals including: 7,550 registered travel professionals in the Netherlands, 2,500 registered travel professionals in Belgium, 1,000 travel journalists, travel bloggers, TV, PR companies and approximately 1,500 participants in tourism training in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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