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Online Media Plan

Social Media

Based on a structured "Media Circle Plan", we advise you how you can offer your content in a structured way (after its publication in whatever form) at the same time via all your social media channels.

This way you can be sure that important news, new products and information about new offers reach your clients via the channel that is most appealing to him or her.

Your employees will get to work based on this plan. Or you ask us to perform 'the circle' for you every week, including editing, image and video creation.


Online Content

We can also compile an exclusive online magazine for your organization, completely customized and in the look & feel of your organization.


For the digital magazine we take care of the entire editing, the unique design and appealing interactivity. Personal support and professional advice are provided during the entire production process.


The XIST! web magazines offer you the opportunity to inform, inspire and impress your target groups online. The web magazines open on all PCs, laptops, tablets and Macbooks in all browsers (Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari).

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